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Equipo de iluminación

White Lightning (Nuevo)


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Equipo de iluminación profesional para estudio y exteriores.

El equipo está completamente nuevo, solo se ha usado una vez, en concreto para unas fotos a Alejandro Sanz. Y se compro como equipo de reserva para alguna emergencia. Afortunadamente no ha hecho falta y por eso no se ha usado nunca. Esta completamente nuevo. Esta foto es del equipo, no es de catalogo.


Tlf.: +34 656 30 60 80


Agustin Montoya

1 Feb, 2012


Equipo principal:

- 1 Generador White Lightning Pro - Zeus 2.500w Power Pack.

- 1 Generador White Lightning Pro - Zeus 1.250w Power Pack.

- 2 Power System "Vagavond II", para uso de generadores en exteriores.

- 1 RingFlash White Lightning 2.500W + Reflector + Grid 30º

- 3 Cabezas Flash 2.500w / Modelado 250w.


- 3 Reflectores 7”

- 4 Grids para Reflectores 7“: 10º/20º/30º/40º

- 2 Barndoors (viseras)

- 1 Beauty Dish Paul C Buff 22”

- 1 Difusor blanco para Beauty Dish

- 1 Grid 30º para Beauty Dish

- 1 Softbox Moon 30” plata/oro/blanco para Ringflash

- Kit de mascaras para unidad Moon 30º

- 1 Softbox Moon 50” plata/oro/white para RInflash

- 1 Extensión para cabeza Flash

- Kit tubos de Repuesto para RingFlash

- Kit Lamparas de Repuesto para RingFlash

- Kit tubos de Repuesto para cabezas Flash

- Kit Lamparas de Repuesto para cabezas Flash

- 2 Conversores 220v./110v. estabilizados 3000w.

- 1 FlyCase para transporte.


1X ZEUS 2500W / 1X ZEUS 1250W

• 1250 True Ws (Z1250 pack) / 2500 True Ws (Z2500 pack)

• Power control for one or two ZEUS™ flash heads

• Asymmetrical power distribution switching (1:1 or 3:1)

• Stepless 5 f-stop output adjustment range (full to 1/32)

• Durable yet lightweight design for travel

• 7.4 pounds (Z1250) / 11.2 pounds (Z2500)

  1. Power requirements: 105-125 Vac, 50-60 Hz.

The ZEUS™ Z1250 and Z2500 Power Packs are well-designed, highly evolved power supply packs designed to provide power and control for our ZEUS™ flash heads.

With two flash head outlets the power packs offer asymmetrical power distribution switching (1:1 or 3:1) with


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• Powerful studio flash head for professional use

• 250 Watt modeling lamp for WYSIWYG previews

• Single-ring daylight-balanced flashtube

  1. 3 pounds / 5.25" height x 7" length x 4" width

Is a powerful, yet lightweight standard studio flash head for professional use. The precise output and true What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get modeling capabilities make the unit ideal for studio use while the compact, durable design makes it perfect for demanding location work as well. The flash head incorporates a single-ring, daylight-balanced flashtube and a 250-Watt modeling lamp, carefully engineered to provide an accurate preview with a matched intensity ratios and light patterns. While the provided 7-inch reflector incorporates a built-in umbrella hole, a full range of accessories are compatible with the flash head as the standard White Lightning quick-release faceplate mechanism attaches the entire Paul C. Buff, Inc.™ line of reflectors, softboxes and other light modifying accessories.

Quick Specs:

• Max. Input Power = 2500 True Ws (at 700 Volts) with the Z2500

• Max. Continuous Usage = 30,000 Ws per minute

  1. Output (ISO100) with the standard reflector = f45 at 10' (2500 Ws)

  2. 3 pounds / 5.25" height x 7" length x 4" width.

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ZRM1 RingMaster Incluye:

• The 10-inch ring reflector

• A set of eight 20-Watt, 24-volt modeling lamps

• Two half-circle flashtubes (daylight-balanced)

• The front cover / diffuser / gel holder

  1. The universal camera mounting bracket with adjustable camera platform, tripod and light.

  2. Stand mounting hardware.

  3. The umbrella adaptor.

  4. The 12-foot power pack cable (hardwired to the back panel).

Is a high-power ringflash system for professional use where very high power levels and exposure values are required. With its extremely compact and lightweight design, the RingMaster is easy to use with most popular pro or semi-pro cameras. The design accommodates cameras with lenses up to 4 inches in diameter, having a full range of adjustments for use with cameras of nearly all heights and depths. The RingMaster incorporates dual fans, eight halogen modeling lamps and two semi-circular flashtubes, providing short flash durations and high power handling capacity.

The ZRM1 Ringmaster offers three different mounting

Max. Input Power = 2500 True Ws (at 700 Volts) with the Z2500

Max. Continuous Usage = 20,000 Ws per minute

Output (ISO100) with the standard reflector = f45 at 10' (2500 Ws)

Output (ISO100) with the 30" Moon Unit = f32 at 10' (2500 Ws)

Eight halogen modeling lamps and two half-circle flashtubes

1.5 pounds / 8" diameter x 2.75" depth / 4" center lens hole

GRID: The ABR800 20° Grid

The standard 10-inch ring reflector (supplied with both the ABR800 and the ZRM1 RingMaster) is designed to hold our 20º ringflash honeycomb grid for "Hollywood Style" lighting and for other low-key effects. The doughnut-shaped honeycomb grid will tighten the total beam spread of the reflector from 80º down to a more controllable 20º.

+ Extras: Moon Unit 30 and Moon Unit 50 (Ver mas abajo)

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The 56" Moon Unit is specifically configured to augment the Zeus RingMaster ringflash systems. It consists of a speedring that wraps the Moon Unit around the ringflash to maintain a thin profile and optimal center of gravity.

Eight fiberglass rods and a reversible silver/white fabric form a thin, umbrella-like structure. A system of reflectors and diffusers is attached to the ringflash with its quick release mechanism. These may be used in a variety of configurations for differing degrees of diffusion.

Different front diffuser fabrics with silk-screened pattern masks are available with a center hole for on-camera  "aim-through" use, and without the center hole for conventional off-camera applications. When configured as an aim-through or conventional softbox of various shapes the light quality and evenness rivals that obtained with conventional softboxes weighing considerably more and having five times the physical depth.

The 56" Moon Unit Foundation Package forms the basic Moon Unit. Add to this your choice of Front Diffuser Fabrics to complete your Moon Unit. Or choose from the 56" Moon Unit Super Kits for big savings.


The Moon Unit is a unique softbox-like accessory that attaches to the ringflash unit with its own quick-release rotating speedring. Unlike conventional softboxes, the camera lens can "see" through the center of the Moon Unit, thereby achieving a unique large-source light on the camera axis. Using the ringflash with the Moon Unit produces subtle, controlled, almost indiscernible shadows and large appealing catchlights at modest camera-to-subject distances. Its minuscule depth and weight allow hand-holding right along with your camera, or you can use it as a conventional off-camera compact softbox.

The Moon Unit is extremely lightweight, compact and easy to assemble. The Moon Unit consists of a reversible gold / silver reflector surface in an octagonal shape, a removable front nylon

diffuser with center hole, a removable black fabric mask to convert the octagonal shape to a perfect circle, a rotating speedring, assembly rods and a special reflector that properly bounces the flash energy into the Moon Unit instead of forward. If all the above elements are used, the result is a round, soft 30-inch aim-through light source - thus the name "Moon Unit." Remove the black mask and it becomes an aim-through 31-inch octabox. If the diffuser is removed, it becomes a silver or gold umbrella-like source for increased specularity. Finally, removing the center reflector yields an intense center light source surrounded by a dimmer 30-inch round or 31-inch octagonal halo of light, either diffused by the front fabric or bounced directly from the gold or silver umbrella-type surface. Each configuration yields a different catchlight structure as well as different styles of light formation on the subject.

stepless flashpower output adjustment over a full 5 f-stop range (from full to 1/32 power). The user-friendly design includes the ZEUS™ power pack control panel where each flash head connects and where all flashpower output and modeling lamp adjustments are collectively made.


22” High-Output White Beauty Dish Reflector

Enjoy the same high-output design of the Silver Beauty Dish, but with a softer finish. The White Beauty Dish produces smooth skin¬tones and even coverage that could normally only be achieved on the Silver Beauty Dish by adding the diffusion sock. The High-Output White Beauty Dish has a beam spread of 130° without the use of the included diffusion sock. Great for indoor portraits to create warmer skintones, or for diffusing hot spots that might occur on shimmery fabrics or reflective surfaces.


The honeycomb grids are designed to snap directly into the outer lip of  the beauty dish reflector. As the grids can recess directly into the frame, and may then be used with other LiteMod accessories.


The LMBD4 Barndoors are designed to open and close to throw the light in the direction of your choice. With four doors, you can angle your light for spot lighting, hair lighting, and back lighting. As the LMBD4 Barndoors are part of the LiteMod system, when used with the UMF Unit Mainframe, they can be used in conjunction with the honeycomb grids, gels and filters. The barndoors do not, however, require the mainframe. They can be purchased separately and used directly on the standard reflector of any X-Series, UltraZAP or Ultra Series unit. (The four doors fold down flat into a compact 9" x 9" x 1.5" size.)

3x 7” Silver Reflector

2x 7” Barndoors


The Honeycomb Grids come in four angles of beam width: 10º, 20º, 30º and 40º. The Mainframe can be used for grid attachment, as the grids can recess directly into the frame, and may then be used with other LiteMod accessories. With the X-Series units, the Mainframe is not required as our honeycomb grids will snap directly into the outer lip of the 7AB/R 7-inch reflector as well.

HG10° - 80° beam spread down to 10°
HG20° - 80° beam spread down to 20°
HG30° - 80° beam spread down to 30°
HG40° - 80° beam spread down to 40°


This reflector sits on the front faceplate of White Lightning™ X-Series and UltraZAP units, fitting around the flashtube and modeling lamp. The 7AB/R can be used alone for a bright, directed throw, and used together with many of our light modifying accessories as well. With its umbrella hole, the reflector can be lined up with the umbrella mount on the top of your flash unit to slide an umbrella or brolly box pole through the reflector, then through the unit’s umbrella mount. The 7AB/R additionally has a recessed outer lip, allowing you to snap any of our Honeycomb Grids directly into the reflector, to tighten the beam spread. The LiteMod Barndoors may be used with the 7AB/R directly as well, fitting around the reflector’s outer lip to direct the throw of light. The 7AB/R measures 3.75 inches deep, and 7 inches in diameter.



The NEW Vagabond II Portable Power System provides portable, battery power for all of our Paul C. Buff, Inc.™ flash units and power packs, giving you the ability to power your AlienBees™, White Lightning™ and ZEUS™ systems in the field or on location where power lines are unavailable or unreliable.

With the advent of the high power Zeus™ system, we felt it necessary to provide a significantly improved Vagabond II battery powering unit, offering faster recycle times from a single second generation PSI900GF pure sine wave inverter (designed specifically for Paul C. Buff, Inc.™ lighting systems). This level of power from a single inverter is necessary for high power units such as the ZEUS™. The single PSI900GF inverter converts the power from the internal 20AH, 12 Volt battery into a current-controlled, pure sine wave power source.

The system additionally includes a built-in global charger (for 100VAC to 260VAC charging), making it truly plug-and-play with no need for the user to disconnect or reconnect cables. NOTE: Vagabond II will operate 110V lights, but can be charged from any voltage from 95V to 265V. The Vagabond II also allows for easy battery changing and for connection to car batteries for all day shoots. Packaged in a heavy-duty nylon carry bag with padded shoulder strap, the Vagabond II system weighs 18.6 pounds, measuring 10.5" (height) x 8.5" (width) x 6" (depth).

The Vagabond II can handle up to 6-8 flash units. To run more than one light, connect a power strip/surge protector to the Vagabond II, and plug your lights into the power strip/surge protector.

The Vagabond II system arrives with the PSI900GF power inverter, the B20A internal battery (12V battery), the built-in global battery charger with charging cord, and the auxiliary battery cables - assembled and ready to charge inside the black and orange VIIBAG carrying bag.

The Vagabond II system includes a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). A GFCI is an electrical device that monitors the electricity flowing in a circuit to detect ground faults. This built-in GFCI allows for safe operation of the system without the physical ground requirement.

The Vagabond II is designed specifically for powering Paul C. Buff, Inc.™ products and we cannot make any claim for suitability with products from other manufacturers, nor can we accept any liability for any damage that might be caused to such equipment. We will, however, warranty the Vagabond II itself as well as any Paul C. Buff, Inc.™ equipment it powers.

The system is not designed to operate modeling lamps continuously as this would deplete the battery rapidly, cause slow recycle and could overheat the inverter. It is permissible to operate the lamps briefly for light composition, then they must be turned off.

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TConvierte y estabiliza la corriente electrica de 220/230v a 110v, de manera segura para que el equipo pueda trabajar en el sistema de voltaje Español y el Americano.

Únicamente para uso en Estudio.

Este sistema garantiza un mayor rendimiento de los equipos, ademas de un disparo y un reciclado más rápido.

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